Doing the Horizontal Tango

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Serina is a professional dancer, and she’s practicing for her recital later on. Only she’s having trouble getting into it. She needs something to loosen her up, something like her coach’s big, hard cock.

He massages her shoulders, and that quickly turns into Serina massaging his hard-on through his pants. She lies on her side and guides his thick rod into her warm, inviting slit. Now they’re getting into the rhythm!

We can see her tight pussy gripping his cock as he thrusts in and out. Serina momentarily stops the fucking to lick her juices off his cock.

They resume the horizontal tango, this time with coach pounding Serina from behind with a handful of her hair in his fist. Then she rides him with her little tan-lined dancer’s ass bouncing in the air. He pulls out and shoots his load on her pussy, and being the dirty girl she is, we bet she didn’t even clean it off before going onstage.