Ellie’s Big Chance

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“I’ve always wanted to be a model, so when I saw this ad for modeling auditions I knew it was my big chance. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin, so when they asked me model some lingerie I was more than happy to. Then they wanted me to get nude. I was a little skeptical at first, but I figured, ‘What the hell?’ And anyway, these guys are professionals, right? Well once I got naked it felt really good. I wouldn’t mind nude modeling for a living. Then they asked me if I wanted to pose with a cock. It was a big one so I was happy to. Being naked like that really had me turned on, and before I knew it we were fucking for the camera. They told me I’d be great as a porn star and they’d call me as soon as there was an opportunity. I’m still waiting for the call. I can’t wait to fuck on camera again,” said Ellie.