Helpless teen Kaisey Dean was on her way to see her grandma but ran out of gas and is now on foot. Her grandma lives out in the middle of nowhere and Kaisey is lost and her cellphone isn’t picking up a signal. She’s panicking. Fortunately, a white van approaches. She begs the driver for a ride, telling him she’ll do anything. She’s desperate! He agrees to help and she gets in. They talk for awhile, but he eventually gets right down to business. If she wants a ride, she better be willing for some fun. She’s compliant and gives him a deepthroat BJ. But the fun doesn’t stop there with this guy. He ties her wrists together with rope and drills her outside in the rain. He throws her in the back and brings her to a spot he knows where the scene is elevated into rope bondage, suspension, domination, BDSM, rough sex, all outside. He even has a dungeon with sex toys for a slave training session. Kaisey Dean’s pussy can certainly take big things.

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