Step-mother walks in to making sure Levi has everything he needs for his day. “Levi, Wait!” step-other exclaims, realizing he has left his laptop computer behind in all the bustle….

What Mother finds is shocking. As she scrolls down the page, she sees site after site of older women, younger man sexual exploitations. Levi is mortified when she confronts him! How could she know about his lusts for her! Stepmom that these feelings are natural, that they are part of becoming a young man.

“I will teach you that it is perfectly natural to have these feelings for mature women.” Mother slowly opens the center of her blouse and guides his hand to her bosom, “Can you feel the weight of a mature melon, Levi?” Mother knows what the next step has to be, and so she instructs the lad to stand up and disrobe in front of her. As his short pants are lowered, Mother sees he has an extremely engorged erection. It stands straight up, straining against its own flesh and in desperate need of release.

“I thought that would happen” Mother says, soothingly to Levi, then continues to explain the next step.. Mother lays back and has Levi slide his hardness into her. Step-mom starts to enjoy the copulation, but Levi is inexperienced and cannot hold out very long. It seems like he just got in her and a strange, funny feeling is happening inside him!

Quickly Levi withdraws from Mother and starts to shoot his seed uncontrollably. “That’s Okay, That’s Okay” Mother reassures him that is what is supposed to happen. As levi stands over Mother says “there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Next time we will work on making it last a little longer”.

Step mother is just not certain she has the confidence to wear these dresses that her friend lent to her for the night. With her husband traveling so much, it’s hard to get a word encouragement from him, so she calls her step-son in to help. …Less

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