This session was rough. Jayden couldn’t believe how sore she was when he finally let her go. The last time her Master had her in his grip, she left tired and weak, weary from all the orgasms he made her have. She’s never begged for so much phallus before. This time she couldn’t scream at all.

Fiona was surprised to see her Master again. This time he chained her down on top of a tormenting Sybian. The twirling cock and rapid vibration kept her entire body tense, causing orgasm after climax. She’s never cummed so much in her life before. His phallus deep down her throat only helped to make her seman, spit oozing off her face.

Guess whose back? Our favorite sexy Latina MILF Becca Diamond. She is a staple here at Fetish Network and we do everything we can to lure her back in the dungeon. She’s definitely one sex slave fun to dominate and challenge with new goodies. She’s introduced to our Sybian screwing machine, a massive surprise for someone new to it. This time around, we have an interesting bondage device: a long piece of bamboo. It ends up pairing beautifully with rope.

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